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Exploring the world with your furry friend is an exciting journey.  With so many new places to discover it’s easy to discover a new adventure everyday.

VIP is often asked about GPS tracking devices for pets and how they keep pets safe.

We love technology!  And we love researching and testing technology.  But like many things, technology tends to not be a one size fits all.

We’ve looked at many different trackers to see if we could find one single product to recommend to our clients.  We evaluated the important details such as:

Is the technology GPS or Bluetooth?  (If you do not know the difference, we recommend booking a complimentary call with us)

  • Can you use the device anywhere in the world?
  • Can you speak to a real person when you purchase one or if you need help? 
  • Can you purchase the device in Canada?

Some people wonder why we did not compare battery life in the devices.  The answer is simple.  No two devices were exactly the same or performed exactly the same functions.  To compare how long a battery would last in a device that does more than another would not be fair.  Just like people, the more that a device does, the more energy it will use.

Our belief is also that when it comes to health and safety, pet owners should never adopt a “Set it and forget it” mindset.  If you want to have second by second tracking of your pet, you will need to ensure their device is charged on a regular basis.

Here are the products that we can recommend to help you and your furry friends explore the world.