Pet Passport

Pet ID Tags For Your One Of A Kind Pet

Keep Your Pet Safe and Connected with a Pet Passport ID tag with QR Code

Welcome to our website.  Our Pet Passport ID tags have QR codes that are designed to help you keep your furry friends safe and connected. Our pet ID tags are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of colours to fit your pet’s personality. And with every paid order, we donate one pet ID tag to a pet rescue, to be included when a pet is adopted.

How it Works

Order Your Pet Passport ID Tag

Choose your favourite design or have your pet’s name put on the front of their Pet Passport ID tag with QR code.

Made To Order

Each Pet Passport ID tag is hand made to order. The front has your choice of design and a special QR code on the back.

create your pet's profile

When you receive your Pet Passport ID tag,  scan the QR code to claim your pet’s online profile page and add all their important details.

Benefits of a pet passport

Our custom pet ID tags with QR codes have many benefits that make them a great investment for any pet owner. Here are just a few of the benefits: 

Easy to Use

With a quick scan of the QR code on your pet’s tag, anyone can access your pet’s information and contact you immediately in case of an emergency.

Increased Safety

Having your pet’s important information available at a moment’s notice can be crucial in keeping them safe and secure.

Personalized Design

Our Pet Passport ID tags come in a variety of colours and your choice of design so you can choose one that fits your pet’s personality and style.

Create Your Pet’s online Profile

Our Pet Passport ID tags have a special QR code that allows pet owners to create their own pet profile simply by scanning it. This profile can include important information such as medical conditions, allergies, and dietary restrictions. You can update your pet’s profile anytime, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date and accurate.

Help A Pet Rescue

We believe in giving back to the pet community, which is why we donate one custom pet ID tag to a pet rescue for every order placed.

By choosing our Pet Passport ID tags you not only keep your pet safe, but you also help other pets who have found their forever homes.

We work with reputable pet rescues to ensure that every Pet Passport ID tag donation goes to a newly homed pet ensuring they will never need to look for their forever home again.

Order Now

Ordering your Pet Passport ID tag with QR code is easy. Simply choose the colour that fits your pet’s personality, choose your favourite design and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, your order will ship within 1 business day ensuring you’ll have your pet’s new tag in no time.

What Else Can We say?

We understand how important your pet’s safety and security are to you. That’s why we created the Pet Passport ID tag with QR codes to give you peace of mind and keep your furry friend safe. With the added benefit of being able to create your own pet profile, you can ensure all your pet’s important information is available at all times. And with our donation program, you can also help other pets in need. Order now and give yourself and your pet the gift of safety, security, and connection, while also helping others.

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