Dogtra Pathfinder Mini GPS Training Collar

Is This Technology GPS or Bluetooth? 

The Dogtra Pathfinder Mini is a GPS training collar from a trusted brand in e-collar technology.  This means the collar receives a GPS signal to determine it’s location on the planet and then communicates with a receiver that you carry to see where your dog is. 

The one downside to this GPS / Receiver technology is that you need to be within a six kilometer range for the receiver to connect to the GPS collar. 

While that might seem like a reason to pass on the Dogtra Pathfinder Mini, it’s very rare for pet owners to be that far from their dogs when they are travelling in a foreign country or hiking in the mountains. 

Special note:  The Dogtra Pathfinder Mini is both a training collar and a GPS collar.  You do not need to use the training collar features if you do not want to.

Can you Use The Decive Anywhere in the World?

Yes, the Dogtra Pathfinder Mini can be used anywhere, even without other people around or a cellular signal. 

Because the Pathfinder Mini collar receives a GPS signal from a satellite and then the collar communicates with a receiver you carry, you can use the Pathfinder Mini anywhere. 

The Pathfinder Mini is a great option for any pet owner who likes to go hiking with their dogs or plans to explore places where cellular service is not the greatest. 

The Dogtra Pathfinder Mini uses an app that is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store making it usable by most modern cell phones.  By downloading the offline maps you can track the collar even when you do not have cellular / wifi signal.

Can You Speak To A Real Person When You Have Questions or Need Help?

Yes you can!  Dogtra is a well-respected brand that has been around for over 30 years.  In Canada Dogtra products are supported by Pet Stop Canada, a company located in Calgary, Alberta with real people waiting to speak to you.

Pet Stop Canada offers sales support through online chat, telephone or (if you are in Calgary) you can stop by their office.  Pet Stop Canada also provides technical and warranty support for all Dogtra products purchased through them.   (

In the United States, Dogtra is supported by Dogtra’s head office.

Can You Purchase The Collar In Canada?

Yes, you can purchase the Dogtra Pathfinder Mini in Canada.

This is important as exchange rates, tariffs and delivery fees to order a product from another country can add significant costs to your order. 

The Dogtra Pathfinder Mini is available at retailers and online.  We recommend ordering from Pet Stop Canada as they have real people available to assist you, ship across the country, and have been helping pet parents for over 25 years.  Just like choosing a veterinary clinic, you want to work with a company that will be there for the lifetime of your pet.

If you have questions about the difference between GPS technology and Bluetooth tracking technology (or any other questions about travelling with your pets) please call book a complimentary chat session with our Pet Friendly Travel Coordinator.