Apple Air Tag

Is This Technology GPS or Bluetooth?

Apple air tags are Bluetooth technology.  The Air Tag does not use global positioning satellites to pinpoint the location of your pet.   Instead, they connect to other IOS devices and the Find My Network.

This is great because it keeps the cost of the Air Tag relatively low.

The downside to the Air Tag Bluetooth technology is that it proprietary and designed to work with Apple devices (Iphone, Ipad).  There are ways to use it with other devices such as Android, however these are not support by any official Apple app, so we would not recommend them.

Can You Use the Device Anywhere in the World?

Technically you can use an Air Tag anywhere in the world, however for the purposes of finding your pet if they get lost, there is no guarantee the Air Tag will work in your location.

The Air Tag connects thru Bluetooth and requires the Find My Network.  This means if you are in a location like the mountains or country where Apple devices aren’t as popular, your Air Tag may be limited in its abilities to assist in finding your pet.

Can You Speak to a Real Person When You Purchase An Air Tag or Need Help?  

Speaking to a real person when you purchase an Air Tag shouldn’t be a problem depending on where you buy it from.

Retailers carry the Apple Air Tag, you can order it directly from Apple or you can order them online.

Special note:  We purchased our Air Tags from Amazon but they seem to be unavailable.  We recommend ordering directly from the Apple Store in your area and picking them up in person.

Can You Purchase The Air Tag In Canada?

Absolutely!  Apple Air Tags are available at many retailers in Canada.

This is important as exchange rates, tariffs and delivery fees to order a product from another country can add significant costs to your order.

The Apple Air Tag is a great solution for I-Phone users to explore the great cities of the world and know where there pet is.  For Android users another solution might be a better option.

Affordable and functional in many places around the world, the Air Tag can give you peace of mind when travelling with your pets.

If you have questions about the difference between GPS technology and Bluetooth tracking technology (or any other questions about travelling with your pets) please call book a complimentary chat session with our Pet Friendly Travel Coordinator.