About VIP Passport

Our VIP Passport service is a unique subscription service that helps pet parents be sure their pet’s can make it home to them if they ever get lost.

Our Mission 

With over a decade of pet industry experience we have seen too many times the sadness and fear that comes from losing a pet.

Too often pet parents don’t know how to keep their personal contact information up to date in the event their pet is lost, and this creates a stressful situation if the unfortunate happens.

Having a pet escape the backyard or slip out a harness is never something we plan for as pet parents, but it does happen.  Incorrect or out of date contact information can mean a long delay between you and your pet being reunited.

Visit any pet recovery page on social media and you will see stories of lost pets, some with happy endings and others with heartbreaking ones.

Our mission is to use our years of experience in pet health information management to ensure your pet can make it safely home if they ever get separated from you!